Maps & Geospatial

80% of data has a geospatial component to it. For many of our customers being able to visualise that adds a new dimension to just how useful data can be.

We work extensively with Google Maps (although we can tap into OpenStreetMap too). The benefits Google Maps provides are:

  • Familiarity - pretty much every user in the world is familiar with Google Maps
  • Scale - thousands of users and massive data are not a problem
  • Mobility - Google Maps works on tablets and smartphones, as well as the desktop

Through dozens of maps based projects we have developed a thorough knowledge of what can be achieved with Google Maps for minimal investment. Areas we help our clients include:

  • Territory / Run / Round Management (click for demo)
  • Route Planning
  • Work time legislation, monitoring driving hours, speeding, company rules
  • Mobile interaction for your workers in the field


In March 2014 Statistics New Zealand released low level meshblock data from the 2013 New Zealand Census.

Catevo has developed SensusIQ, a framework based on Google Maps that supports decision makers in interpretting Census data with layers for their own data.

Using our SensusIQ framework we can help with:

  • Understand where your customers live (and where you don't have customers)
  • Visualise the demographic make-up of your customers

Please contact us for more information.

SensusIQ - Making Sense of the Census.

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